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99.5% High Purity Raw Powder Cardarine GW-501516 Versatile Hormone For Bodybuilders

99.5% High Purity Raw Powder Cardarine GW-501516 Versatile Hormone For Bodybuilders

    • 99.5% High Purity Raw Powder Cardarine GW-501516 Versatile Hormone For Bodybuilders
    • 99.5% High Purity Raw Powder Cardarine GW-501516 Versatile Hormone For Bodybuilders
    • 99.5% High Purity Raw Powder Cardarine GW-501516 Versatile Hormone For Bodybuilders
  • 99.5% High Purity Raw Powder Cardarine GW-501516 Versatile Hormone For Bodybuilders

    Product Details:

    Place of Origin: China
    Brand Name: Shucan
    Certification: SGS,ISO9001
    Model Number: SHSC-02514

    Payment & Shipping Terms:

    Minimum Order Quantity: 10gram
    Price: Negotiable
    Packaging Details: discreet and safe foil bag or tin
    Delivery Time: Within 12hours after payment
    Payment Terms: West Union, T/T, Money Gram.,Bitcorn and bank transfer
    Supply Ability: 5000kilogram per month
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    Detailed Product Description
    Appearence: White Powder Puiryt: 99.5%
    Cas: 317318-70-0 Names: GW-501516
    MOQ: 10g Price: Negotiate,Email:
    Payment: ,Money Gram,T/T,Bitcoin Post Company: UPS, FedEx, EMS, DHL, TNT And So On
    Sample: Most Of Our Products Have Free Samples Ready Delivery Time: 5-7 Days After Your Full Payment,tracking Number For Your Tracking
    Skype: Jim17661 Related Products: GRF 1-44,HGH,MGF,GHRP,Melanotan,CJC-1295,Toremifene Citrate
    Storage Suggestion: Airtight Dry Shade Other Service: We Provide The Service Of Melting Powder To Liquid
    High Light:

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    SARMS steroids

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    Room 1301, No. 19 Building, 28 Lane Beiyu Road, Changning District, Shanghai, China

    Do you have any discounts if I place an order ?

    Of course,as a mature company ,various promotion activities are provided to our customers.

    1), After the sample inspection ,the first time order products from us ,we will refund the sample charges to you.
    2), Customers order products from me more than three times(No quantity requirement), An amazing discount will be provided to you.This policy is very popular with our customers who need the products which are difficult to store(peptides)

    3), The Payment for goods over 5000$,we give a discount
    of 9
    4), Introducing our company to a friend,we will give your frend a discount of 9 for the first order

    other discounts,please contact with me

    Basic Information of GW-501516



    CAS: 317318-70-0

    Formula: C21H18F3NO3S2

    Molecular Weight: 453.4977

    Density: 1.426g / cm3

    Boiling point: 584.543 ° C at 760 mmHg

    Flash Point: 307.321 ° C

    Vapor Pressure: 0mmHg at 25 ° CC

    Appearance: White powder


    Breif Introduction of GW-501516

    GW-501516 (Cardarine) is one of the most versatile performance enhancers one will ever come across. Whether you are looking to drastically increase endurance, melt fat, cut or recomp, GW will truly shine. In this article, I am going to touch on the many ways and reason to incorporate GW into every cycle that you run. There is a place for GW in every cycle, regardless of the desired goal. It can only add extra benefits that will further enhance the chances of accomplishing goals and maximizing gains.


    GW will only add positives to your cycle in every aspect as opposed to these other negative choices. GW can also work wonders when preparing for a competition. By incorporating GW into a prep cycle, you are allowing yourself to maximize the cleanliness of your gains by melting away fat with its usage. Another excellent benefit of GW is its ability to combat the negative impact that tren can have on a person’s cardio performance. By adding GW into the equation, you will still be able to do cardio on atrenbolone cycle without all of the negative impacts. GW can be ran up to 12 weeks and should be ran between 10-20 mg a day. The optimal way to dose GW is to take one dose in the morning and another equivalent dose 12 hours later. It is a good option to take GW prior to your workout. GW can really work magic in so many ways and should be implemented on every cycle that you run.


    How do I believe the quality of your products?
    Yes,this is the most common question from our customers,after all we have never coopertated before.but frankly speaking,every trade starts with the first time,moreover ,we can provide certificates(business certificate,ISO9001 and so on),and samples are available,you can get a few to have a check.
    Guality control:
    1), Purity of the products are above 99%
    2), Accurately inspecting before our products go to market.
    3), Standard:BP/USP/EP/Enterprise standard
    Waiting for your contact,both of us will have a pleasant communication !



    Usage of GW-501516

    There are two main uses with GW-501516. The first and most common use is that of increased endurance. GW has been banned for professional athletes due to the unfair advantage it provides to endurance athletes. Anyone want a drastic increase in endurance will find that GW truly shines in this aspect. It takes effect very quickly and the results can be staggering. A common dose of 10 mg day will provide a significant increase in endurance.

    The second common usage with GW is that of fat loss. Many users turn to GW as it has shown to melt off fat while still being non-catabolic. You will find that you can still hold on to some muscle as you are losing fat. It helps when you are running it in conjunction with SARMS Ostarine and S4, to hold on to as much muscle as possible. A dosage of 10 mg a day will provide good amounts of fat loss, but an increase to 20 mg a day will provide much more in this area.

    GW 501516 can be ran in 8 week cycles, but as with any other steroid or supplement, it should be cycled properly to avoid any possible side effects and the keep it as effective as possible.


    How do I place an order, is that safe,could I cash on delivery?
    We must understand what our customers worry about ,The most frequently asked question is about the safety.
    1), At first,our company is authoritative attestation enterprise,we have being in this field for 14 years ,And we are the most powerful company in you will feel relieved to do business with such a professional company.
    2), Cash on delivery is not acceptable,100% payment in advance(,Money gram,T/T,Bitcoin),Most of our long-term customers cooperated with us in a very few quantity at the very start, But after their inspection ,90% of them have been our regular customers from then on. Quality is the base of a company to survive ,and good quality is the base of long-term cooperation,just long-term cooperation can make Win-win come ture.
    3), Confer with us to determine product specifications,quantity and arranging for deliver factors-----Full payment----Delivery within 24hours-------Provide tracking number


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    Could I have an order in a few quantities at the first time?

    1), Yes,that is reasonable,even we can provide free samples of the most products.If we find that there are chances for us to have a long-term cooperation,a surprised discount will be offered to you.

    2), We can offer products of the quantity from 10g-100Tons, but there is no ambiguity that the more you order ,the cheaper the products will be.


    99.5% High Purity Raw Powder Cardarine GW-501516 Versatile Hormone For Bodybuilders


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